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You are in the right place if you want to take your game to the next level simply by learning how to train your mind. Your mindset can be your biggest asset or your biggest liability and it's up to you to choose. If you want to begin training your mental game today, then hit the button below and start by learning how to overcome mistakes.

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Only 7% of HS athletes make it to the college level

Only 56% of college athletes finish their eligibility

A whopping 80% of athletics is mental not physical

The #1 reason for those stats is because athletes aren't mentally prepared for the challenges that they face.

A common saying that goes around in HS and College athletics is "You aren't a true athlete until you have wanted to quit at one point." 

Unfortunately, speaking from experience, this is true. That's why we have set out on a mission to coach players how to conquer their mental game.

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Cole Russell - Owner of AMGC

I am a certified mental performance coach that has a passion for high level athletes that want to get the absolute most out of their athletic journey. I struggled with my mental game my entire life until I learned how to train it. After I learned, I quickly became a 2x All-American as a college soccer player. The mental game is powerful and I want to help athletes achieve levels higher than I ever could. 

Phone: 810.357.3770

Email: [email protected]

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Jacob Crull - AMGC Coach

I am a mental performance coach who wants to equip athletes to reach their full potential through the mental side of the game. I am currently a professional soccer player for Forward Madison FC. Since signing professionally, I have had the privilege of playing on a title winning team. I am passionate about this because I have experienced the transforming power of the mental game in my own career and want to share it.

Phone: 317.363.8787

Email: [email protected]

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